Sunday, December 21, 2008

came back fro KL yesterday.
im feeling very very very very lazy so im not gonna blog much about it.
so i went there with my parents and sister.
reached KL at around 12.10am?
the luggage were kinda mixed up with the Penang flight so had to delay again.
the hotel limo came to pick us up and we reached Coronade around 1.30am(i think).

and from Wednesday morning until yesterday afternoon, we went shopping.
yes, ive never walked this much while travelling before.
only took the cab when we went to malls outside of Bukit Bintang. omg
ahh and we ate pretty much alot also.
so its like all we did were sleep eat shop shop eat sleep eat shop eat shop eat eat.
at first we went to find my uncle(mum's side) and his family.
then on Friday night we went with my cousins(dad's side).
they were living in this apartment and its like 25 storeys high.
their "house" is located at the 21st floor and its reallyyyyy far away from the ground.

lol anyways, so yesterday we went for some dim sum.
we met up with Samuel's sister also.
but she was kinda late cause when she reached, we already finished eating breakfast.
my dad was talking to her about being so busy and she replied(in chinese),
"aiyah i sleep very early lahh. this time i sleep at 5am. early leh?"
LOL 5am is so not early and like what daddy said,
by the time she reach home ppl already finish giving out newspapers and sell vege de also go back liao.

ohhh and we went to Aquaria and Genting too.
saw lots of fishes and also standing in the clouds.
too bad i didnt get to go into the casino though.
well, another 5 more years to go lor.

ps: i didnt take much pics though. kinda became very lazy. lol
pps: happy err "dong jie" to every chinese out there :)

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