Tuesday, December 30, 2008

faces of millions

so youve read the post title.
well its from a group i joined in facebook few months ago.
its about this lady trying to make a photo mosaic of a million ppl from all around the world.
i think its an interesting project so ive decided to take part it in.
you can see my face in the pic above right? hahah
too bad my picture isnt next to some hot dude. lol
to those who have facebook, do join this group.
if not then click HERE to join :)
its stated that its gonna be a huge photo mosaic.
its about 3-storeys high - or as mentioned, 10M x 10M? or sth like that lor.
it'll be fun to see yr face with another 999,999 other ppl from diff countries.
do consider about it k? :D

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