Monday, April 18, 2011


so it's monday again. and yes, i have not been blogging for almost a week now. as you all know, i've been really really busy with my management assignment. yes, it was almost a last minute thing but hey, we were busy with other stuffs! so anyways, we finally got everything done by last night and managed to hand in the report before 10.30am this morning. really glad about that. and now that the assignment's done, i can slowly start on with the accounting assignment now. and speaking of accounting, the midterm result's out and guess what? i actually passed! hopefully there's no error in my marks as i do not want it to be deducted at all. lol now that the results for this is out, i'm only waiting for the b law exam results to be out too. hopefully we'll get to know the results by tomorrow. *fingers crossed

and this afternoon, i decided to go back early. as i didn't have to send anyone back, i drove slowly and it was raining so i was like thinking a lot y'know. it was only like 12.30pm when i reached the pujut 7 roundabout so i decided to take the long way back when i turned into the industrial area. so instead of turning left to the shell junction, i went down about half a kilometer and turned left again into the road the lead to my sister's school. and on the way turning into the junction in front of the school to my house, i met with an accident. some lady driving an old camry reversed her car and crashed into mine as i was behind her. unlucky much. D: good thing the damage wasn't that bad. not really in the mood to talk about it so yeah, not really a good day today. daddy's gonna send the car to the workshop tomorrow. hopefully it'll be pretty again once it's done. lol

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