Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Thursday

so i came back home at around 6.30pm yesterday. none of my parents were at home and i was guessing that they've gone to pick my sister up from tuition. and of course, if both of them left the house, it definitely means they're having dinner outside. and my assumption was right when my mum called about 20 minutes after i reached home. since my car was sent to the workshop, i had to follow my classmate's car to campus these few days. thank God for free week next week. lol anyways, i came back home feeling kinda very tired so i just went online, took a bath and went to sleep. yes, i slept before 7.30pm last night! initially, i was planning to take a nap and wake up later. but heh, i slept all the way until 3.15am this morning. lol and i woke up with a growling stomach! and the first thing to come to my mind was kueh chap! *drools* XD

oh and it's thursday today. yes, my favorite day of the week!:) also, it's very special today because it's Holy Thursday. gonna be attending mass at 7.30pm tonight. and y'know what? i can't believe that Lent is over but i haven't given up anything yet. other than the tv, i don't think i've done anything at all this Lent and i feel so bad. :( all i've been doing the past month was slacking, sleeping, online-ing, having fun, rushing for assignments and studying for exams. HAIH :( i need help!

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