Thursday, April 28, 2011


y'know what? i dreamed about getting married right before i woke up. omgwtf somehow, someone did some matchmaking but i haven't even met the groom. and i was so nervous about it. then i wore this red strapless dress and was preparing to go to my grandma's house cause everyone's already there. and i kept telling my mum that i'm afraid. i mean, i'm only 19 and this is some matchmaking shit. i don't even know who the groom is. and i told her "what if he's not the type that i like? i'm really scared. can i just stop this whole thing?" but i forgot what she replied. i even thought about one of my classmates cause i remember having this conversation with him about me wanting to marry young and i was thinking that if i met him, i wonder what he'll say about it. HAHA. and i was late to go to my grandma's house cause i was doing everything so slowly just to delay the time. i didn't dare to leave the house. then my dad was talking about the wedding dinner at night. and i was thinking, how come my friends aren't invited? lol then idk what happened and we left the house. after that, i opened my eyes cause i wanted to pee. -________-"

that was a weird but funny dream. too bad i didn't get to see the groom before i woke up just now. XD ahh well, maybe i've been thinking about weddings and stuff a lot and lately so many young people are/have already gotten married. so i guess i was influenced by all this. lol

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