Saturday, April 23, 2011

belated good friday.

so it was Good Friday yesterday and i didn't manage to blog cause i slept before 7pm. i was thinking of taking a short nap and waking up an hour later to do my assignment but instead,i slept all the way until 3am. lol very -_________-" i know. i did the same thing on wednesday night but hey, at least i didn't have to go anywhere at that kinda time so i decided to do some research for my assignment. but y'know me, my research slowly became facebook and twitter and lots of other stuffs. then i got tired and went back to sleep at about 5.30am and woke up an hour later. sadness.

anyways, i went for station of the cross and also the afternoon mass yesterday. it was indeed a very sad day for me. in the morning during station of the cross, tears kept coming after wiping it away countless of times. the song they sang in church was just so saddening and just thinking about how much Jesus suffered for us really made me guilty. i'm such a huge sinner, yet He still loves me unconditionally. :'( HAIH

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