Friday, April 8, 2011


i'm finally done with the silly bis assignment. it took me about 4 hours max to complete it. thank God for the samples available and everything. if not, i don't think that i can even make it in time. so yeah, now i'll be busy with my management presentation next week as well as the assignment. so many things to do. bahh. gonna be busy for another two weeks and it'll be free week! can't wait for it. i seriously need to relax. although i'm like already relaxing right now. ;)

oh and one thing, i'm not going to campus today! how do i feel? one word: HAPPY. for the past few weeks, i've been going to campus on fridays(fyi, i don't have friday classes) just to do my assignment and stuff. but thank God i don't have to today. i can sit back, and just rest at home. well, not exactly rest cause i still have my management stuff to complete. and my godfather's coming to miri today! daddy will be picking him up from the airport in the afternoon. he's coming back because my dad's friend is getting married. this is very exciting. their childhood friend's finally getting married. at 45. lol very old i know but hey, at least he's getting married. the wedding's tomorrow and he's inviting friends and family members over to his house for dinner. and the best part of it is that he lives opposite my grandma's house, which is right next to mine! i can just walk to his house for dinner. woooo ~ i seriously can't wait for it. i love attending these things, especially when it's my dad's friends. :DD

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