Sunday, September 12, 2010


it's been a long tuition free week. did lots of things in the past week. to be honest, my main point of this break is to study but in the end, thats the only thing i did the least. for the first three days of my holidays, i actually forgot what did i do. lmao i'm not kidding. i seriously do not remember what i did last friday, saturday and sunday. :O

but from monday onwards, i've been doing lots of stuff. like on monday morning, i stayed at home to study economics(yeah, not accounting). then around after lunch, msn-ed a little with siew and she told me she was still craving for waffles. since i wanted my Belgian Chocolate as well, we decided to go to Bintang. lol i know right, driving all the way to town just for some waffles and drink. then on Tuesday, i went to school. to study with June and Atiya. Siew was there too with her group members doing their Physics project. some wind turbine thingy. i think we ended up talking more than studying/doing project. then in the evening, went to KFC at emart to berbuka puasa with Atiya. she looked really excited cause this is her first time berbuka-ing with her friends.

then on wednesday, i'm supposed to go to school too but something came up and i didn't go. went to Bintang with my mum and Auntie Sarah to buy my sister's birthday present. had lunch with them then sent mummy back to the office. then on thursday, went Bintang again with June, Siew and Pan. watched "Old Cow vs Tender Grass" then bought *ahem* present and went around for a while. oh and did i mention that we went to Secret Recipe? i finally got to eat the Macadamia White Chocolate cake. woooooooh ~ and so did June as well :D after that Siew dropped us off at my place as she had to go back to eat something her mum cooked and bathed. After that i went to pick her up and we went to X Cuisine for dinner. After dinner, we went to Boulevard. walked around for a little bit then we went to the funny thing is, after our little window shopping session, our 嘴痒 so we went to KFC and ordered some food. wth, we were literally eating the whole day. reached home around 10.30pm and boy, was i exhausted.

as you can see, i've been wasting time instead of doing important things during this break. and sad enough, there won't be anymore one week break until the end of the Semester. but at least i had fun this week. even though we all wasted so much time, money and energy.

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