Monday, September 13, 2010

Hari Raya 2010

i absolutely love this year's raya. why? just because i get to go visiting since i missed out last year due to a youth rally that i joined. and also cause i get to eat masak hitam, which i've been craving since forever. on the first day, i went visiting with my family and four of my mum's colleagues and their family members. there was a total of 11 of us. we went to four houses and guess what? all four houses had masak hitam! i was so excited. ate so so much at all the houses. my stomach almost exploded. but what to do? once a year bah this :P

anyways, at the last house, when i got out of the car, there was this huge bee flying around. oh my goodness, it was so huge and was buzzing here and there. it was trying to get close to us. we were trying to avoid it when all of a sudden, it started flying towards me. idk why but it kept coming to my hair. it was so scary i swore i could've fainted right on the spot if it came any closer or touched my face or anywhere. then my dad asked me to go to the car and as i ran towards the car, the bee came along too. it was kinda stuck to the back side of my blouse? apuuuuu ~ i was so petrified. and being the usual me, i went into the car crying like some baby. lol then i saw them trying to shoo it away and when i turned to look, i saw Jia Ying's dad stepping on the bee, killing it right on the spot. thank God!

well, that house that we went to, it was a wooden house by the river. heard them saying that there are crocodiles there and they've seen it few times. O_O luckily it didn't appear when we were there. lol oh and when i looked towards the river, something caught my eye. know what is it? well, it's their toilet. unfortunately, i forgot to take picture of it. =.= but it was a wooden toilet. you'll need to walk on a plank of wood on the river to reach the toilet. it's like right above the water. the door of the toilet was open and well, there was nothing in it. no toilet bowl, no sink, no nothing. the only thing in there was a hole on the floor. i think you've already guessed it, you'll need to pee and shit through that hole. what the heck? so this thing still exist eh. LOL but it's funny. it's like when you pee or poop, it'll come falling down from the hole and into the water. imagine if you accidentally see someone do either one, it's gonna be so gross. ewwww. HAHA. well, we visited until around 1.30pm then went back home and rested.

the next day, which was yesterday, we went to Bintang at around 9.30am for the Human Life Service function thing. our city Mayor came to give a short speech as well. honestly, it was really sad that i wasn't able to attend the whole function since i had to leave early. saw a few special needs people there and it was heartbreaking for me to see them in their current condition. one of the guys had short arms and a little something went wrong with his face. really wished to go and hug him but i didn't have that courage :( frankly speaking, these special needs people, in my opinion are the most beautiful people in the world. why? because they have a wonderful heart and mind. they're all so innocent and see the world in a different angle. very different than how we normal people would. and like what the mayor mentioned in his speech, he said "to see the world through these children's eyes". and i agree with this statement of his. children are God's precious gift and we should love each and every one of them no matter how they look. they are after all, human as well. there is also a mini exhibition showing abortion and the fetus and their growth process in the womb of the mother.

so after the function, we went for lunch and went to buy some stuffs. reached home at around 12.30pm? i left home around 1.50pm, went to feed my car with some petrol and was off to pick june. reached atiya's house about 20 minutes later and spent around one hour plus at her house eating, talking, online-ing. lol took quite a lot of pics with her lappy. oh and we also took a family picture with her brother and parents as well.

then, Melo called and we headed to Roy's house. i thought the house would be kinda hard to find since Permy has always been really messy. well, that was what i thought. but thank goodness, it was really easy to find. just two turns from the main road and we're there! saw Valerie and two ladies at his house when we reached. at first, it was kinda awkward. but soon after, things started to umm "heat up". we started to eat and boy, the food was delicious. especially the masak hitam. oh and the cheese cake too. very very yummy :D then after eating, we spent like one whole hour talking and camwhoring with the kids. awwww, very very very adorable pls. all three of Roy's kids are so cute. especially Hassan. he is just as cute as how he looks in pictures. oh and the two daughters, words cannot describe how lovely they are. woooooo ~ i love kids and yeah, i love them too. HAHA. its a been a wonderful afternoon.

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