Wednesday, September 29, 2010


busy busy busy. so much things to do in just one month. i hope i'll survive until the end of the semester. lol it's only foundation and i'm dying. wonder what'll happen when i go to degree. cannot imagine that at all.
anyways, i realize that the busier i am, or in other words, the more things that i have to do, the sleepier and lazier i become. i think it's because of my upcoming midterms and assignments that i'm starting to feel so sleepy. and i tend to sleep a whole lot. i just took a 45 minute nap this afternoon and now it's only 8pm and i'm already feeling so cranky. i need lots of sleep!
what's worse now is that i feel worse than a pig. even pigs, when they're hungry they are energetic. for me now, i have zero energy. i'm like not capable of doing anything else other than sleep. i feel miserable. :(
is there any thing or food that you can do or eat/drink to keep you awake? especially during the night? i need some help here. professional help that is. my condition is getting worse and worse. D:
oh and what good topics are there for me to present for my final individual presentation for ecs? idk what to talk about and for this presentation, it's supposed to somewhat be a persuasive or informational one. besides, t's gotta be done by doing research and stuff, not just by experience only. so yeah, i'm still blur, blank and i just feel like sleeping. aargh! am i not worse than a pig? abit abit also feel like sleeping already.
and wish me luck for my economics midterm next tuesday. i'm still kinda blur on the previous two chapters that we've learned in the past two weeks. the demand and supply thing. i mean, it looks easy but somehow something is wrong with my brain and it can't seem to interpret the graph correctly. like the curves and movements on the graph, i get headaches when i look at em. *sigh* i think i'll stop thinking about this and just go and get a nap now at 8.15pm.

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