Saturday, September 25, 2010


suddenly had the urge to blog. so yeah, i'm gonna be real busy starting today? idk but the few weeks ahead are gonna be hectic. i've got midterms and presentations and assignments and projects. D: in just five weeks(starting next week), i have like nine things to do. which include midterms and stuff. it's the time of the semester again where i'll busy right until after the final exams. lol busy much. then again, i'd definitely still have time to go online. cause that is a must. wonder what my life will be without the internet. :\
anyways, i'm having my maths midterm on monday and i'm kinda "studying" right now. heh wish me luck yo. and btw, my iTunes is back to normal! i seriously don't know why i didn't even think or bother to go and check it. it was really troublesome to use Windows Media Player for the past few months. D: well, it was okay but i still prefer iTunes. :) well, i gotta go study now. will be posting again soon. when i have the urge like how i did five minutes ago :D

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