Friday, September 3, 2010


my one and a half week break starts today. well, yesterday afternoon to be exact. but i got a feeling that it's not gonna be a fun one cause exams is on the monday after holiday ends. very sad about it pls. so yeah, i need to study and also complete some homework as well as prepare for the upcoming assignments which are gonna start piling up after the holidays. :( so little time, so much to do. and one thing, something weird happened to me yesterday afternoon. i somehow suddenly feel very terrible and had this urge to cry. idk what the firetruck happened but it went on until i went to sleep. i'm still okay right now but who knows what's gonna happen later when i'm all alone at home. D: bahh, don't wanna think about these things. well, i'm off to copyfinish up my maths homework. toodles ~

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