Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ever since the new semester started, i've been busy. not exactly 100% busy with school stuffs but with some personal things too. i hardly got time to blog or do anything else. except facebook since there's free access even when i'm not at home XD

still, i've been pretty messed up too lately. so much to think about, so much to worry, i'm really tired. my headache is getting worse too. :( projects and assignments are gonna start piling up soon and midterms, they're in a month. wth? i seriously do not get some of the units at all. sad sad.

but on the bright side, my tuition free week a.k.a. school holidays this time is on the same week as the primary and secondary school kids. that's right, it's on the week of Raya. oh and this year, i'll get to go visiting with my parents. rendang and curry, here i comeeeeeee :D HAHA. i've been craving for these things since so many months ago. too bad i don't have much malay friends. lol but tak apa, as long as i get to go visit few houses with my parents, i think that's enough. oh oh oh, i just remembered that few years back, my youngest aunt used to bring my family and my other aunts family up to KB to visit her husband's colleagues houses cause they got open house. the houses there are really very big. there was this one house, they even put canopies outside the house and invite chefs to cook for the visitors. then inside the house, they had like four living rooms. so four groups of people can go in at the same time and sit at four different places. there were cakes and stuff on the tables in each room. the place looks very high class too. but sad enough, we won't be visiting anymore cause my aunt has her own kids to look after(they're all really young. oldest one is only 5 years old) and it's hard to bring them around. besides, she's pregnant now too.

p/s: today is 七月十五。LOL i don't believe in this but i know most of you do, so yeah be careful when you go out k?

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