Friday, August 6, 2010


feeling very down at the moment. and i hate this feeling so much. in the past, when i'm sad, there's always that one person who'd be there to cheer me up. but now that he's gone, i have nobody to turn to anymore. and that sucks a lot. no, not being emo right now. i'm just trying to stay positive. and by staying positive, it shows that i'm improving right? and moving on as well. oh and also slowly accepting the fact that changes do happen all the time and there's nothing that i can do to stop it. but it doesn't mean that there's not gonna be anymore tears, red nose and eyes. throughout the process, i'll be learning a lot and this is gonna be one of life's toughest lessons. hope i'll get it figured out soon enough.


Anonymous said...

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♥ V said...

thanks. :) college assignment? what kind?