Monday, August 16, 2010


i checked my email last night and saw an email from someone with the subject as "saw you on GMH". honestly, my entire face lit up the moment i saw it. i was really glad that some person from a few oceans away would take the time to read my post and even bothered to email me. and in the past few days, i've also received a number of questions and stuff from my formspring. really happy about it too. and just now when i checked my email again, i saw that there are 13 new questions waiting for me in my formspring. my goodness, i was so overwhelmed. i know you must be thinking, "just a few questions and you're already that happy?". well, to be honest, i left my formspring page in all three sixbillionsecrets, GMH and LGMH websites cause i was really hoping that maybe someone who needed a friend or someone to talk to might see my post and come talk to me. i wanted to feel like i was needed, appreciated and i'd love to help people who are halfway across the globe and feeling lost. to be honest, i visit those three websites everyday reading the stories that people post and some of them are really similar to what i'm thinking and feeling. and i've seen people leaving their formspring accounts just so that people who needed help could talk to them and maybe, they could help them out. seeing these things and the random act of kindness of these people really touched me. i was so touched to the state that i've decided to do the same. even though i couldn't get help myself, i know how it feels to be sad, hopeless and i've gone through some of the things that those people are going through now. and i would really like to at least offer some help to these people so i left my formspring accounts in the three pages and waited for people to come to me. who knows, they really did. you know, that feeling i have right now is unexplainable. it is much more than just plain happiness, joy, content or whatever it is to describe happy. by doing this, it seems like i've somehow accomplished a very important mission. a mission to help other people. and it gives me a feeling of satisfaction. also, i'd want to thank those people who came to ask me questions and stuff. if you guys ever stumble upon my blog, i really want to thank you all for making my day, for turning that frown into a hugeass smile. and that's a real smile, not a fake one. knowing that i can be a help to you guys really makes me feel satisfied. people like you GMH :)

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