Wednesday, August 4, 2010


why the fuck is everything about money these days? i hate it, i seriously hate it so much. a bit a bit also money. sien daooooo. *lets out a big sigh* for those rich people, lucky you for having a good life. for poor people, it's sad that they have to work so hard just to earn some money just to get by the day. as for me, i feel that i'm a little below the middle line between rich and poor. but all my life people has been calling me rich. idk why and i'd really really like to know which part of me that looks rich. is it because of the phone i'm using? well, fyi i bought it with my hong bao money. is it because you've seen me riding in different types of car since primary school? my dad is selling 2nd hand cars, of course i can be riding in different cars all the time. the merc that you see? it belongs to my rich cousin. is it wrong to drive our relative's cars? is it because my parents always buy me stuffs? just so you know, my parents are not kiam siap people like everyone else's parents. my parents are great people and yours are not, thats why. is it because i eat out all the time(sometimes at hotels)? like the previous answer, firstly my parents are not kiam siap. and if they earn a little and we'll all go enjoy. unlike rich people who earn money and all are going into the bank. is it because i'm always out with my parents? my parents are not boring people, unlike your parents. we go out, not sit at home and watch boring news on tv. hmm, or what other silly things are there to think of. seriously, if you think i'm rich, please please leave a comment saying why the fuck do you think so. i really want to know. i've been curious about this for so long. to be honest, few weeks back i even had a thought of quitting school and go find a job just because we almost couldn't afford my foundation second semester's school fee. funny right? this is like only foundation. and i really regret not working during my 1 1/2 month sem break. D: if i did, maybe i'd at least have a few hundred that i can keep in the bank and use it for emergency. fuck myself for being so lazy. i hate myself sometimes. but it's still not too late to get a job right? i'm thinking of getting a weekend job. like i study during the weekday and work during the weekends. and maybe i'll become less lazy this way.

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