Thursday, December 3, 2009

the The 10 Top-Earning Taiwanese Singers of 2009 is finally out.
and guess what? *grins*
yeaaaaah, Jay Chou does it again.
Taiwan's Heavenly Kin tops the list once again earning an estimated $554million this year.
now thats really alot of money.
even S.H.E. who's at #2 only earned $360million.
wooots, im giving 10 thumbs up for Jay :D

Jay with Zhi Ling

and also, darling Joe ranks #3 in
The 5 Top-Earning Taiwanese Idol Drama Actors/Actresses of 2009.
but hor, he is estimated to earn $50.7million only lor.
compared to Jay Chou, Joe's earning is like 1/10 of his only. lol

Joe with Zhi Ling


its cool to see two of my all-time favorite Taiwan guys collaborating with Zhi Ling.
Jay is acting with her in a movie,
whereas Joe danced with her in his very first MV.
but then, Zhi Ling is much closer to Joe lor.
theyre like best friends. :O
*having Taiwan's hottest lady as a best friend is totally hawt. LOL

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