Saturday, December 19, 2009

i think im getting crazier by the day.
omg i just dreamed about darling Joe.
woooo, i havent had a dream about him since last year.
in my dreams, i was smiling like a lunatic when i saw him.
lol my face went bright red and i just couldnt stop smiling.
in my previous dream i didnt manage to take pic with him
and guess what?
i failed again in this dream. wtf
but hor, i think dreaming about him is a good sign.
cause it shows that my love for him is still strong.
& i guess im falling in love all over again <3

ps: i was reading COLOR magazine yesterday afternoon and he was on the cover. i was really concentrating on looking at all his pics and i guess thats part of the reason why i dreamed of him. HAHA.

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