Monday, December 28, 2009

stf really funny happened today.
im not gonna talk about it though.
if u wanna know,
try ask me nicely and i might just tell you. wtf

anyways, i went to mummy's office after ____ happened.
spent the whole 2 hours and a half thr
sitting and talking and laughing.
cause its US Dollar's 4th last day working today.

oh and did i mention that i got two love letters today?
heck yeah, one was when i went to parkson
and the other one i got it from mummy's office.
aww, its two love letters from the 白马王子/白马公主
who go around the city everyday to check our cars for parking tickets. HAHA

anyways, im kinda excited for tmr.
im going ___ hunting with Ivy Wong.
wish us luck people :\

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