Monday, December 21, 2009

im off to Kota Kinabalu in about 8 hours.
i'll have to wake up by 5am and im still sitting here blogging.
why am i not sleeping yet?
3 reasons for you.
number one, im kinda excited about the trip.
number two, i need to find some of the places we went in the previous trip cause daddy's driving this time and we cant get any help like how we used to when we rode in taxi(s).
number three, daddy and mummy isnt feeling well and i have to pray for them.

so i have this happy and worried feeling right now.
gosh i really hope everything will be fine when we wake up in the morning.
ive been praying quite hard today so please please, let everything be okay.
just hakuna matata cause thats all i wish for, for this trip.

anyways, FISH/PORK NOODLE (a famous food from KK) here i come! :D
im gonna eat you in less than 10 hours.
woooo, im really looking forward to this trip lor
(except for the aeroplane part though).
i wanna escape from all my thoughts and reality
and land in dreamland for a few days.

the fish noodle :)

ps: refer to this post, which is my previous trip to KK.

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