Wednesday, December 30, 2009

spent the whole day out buying the things we need for our bbq this saturday.
went to Servay, Boulevard, CCK, Hot Cross Bun and CT Academics.
Ah Siew, Ah Ung, Ah Pan and Ah Wong followed too.
but first we went to school to return our textbooks.
all of a sudden, i kinda really miss school lor.
cant believe im not gonna step into that school wearing my uniform le.
five years, *snaps fingers* gone just like that.
lol so we went to CT Academics in the afternoon
and asked the lady lots of questions.
and the more i asked, the more im interested in _____.
too bad i wont be able to "chase" my dreams and study that lor.
me and that course totally no 缘分 i guess.
haih maybe in my next life bh T_T
and for nw, i think i'll jst concentrate on some simpler course
and stick with it for the rest of my life :O

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