Thursday, December 24, 2009

im finally back from KK.
my conclusion is :
this vacation kinda sucked but i really did enjoy myself during dinner (22/12)

honestly speaking,
this is like one of the worst trips ive ever had.
not only did i not shop enough,
i had to worry all day and night
and i couldnt even relax abit.
i woke up so many million times in the middle of the night
as i was literally freezing, having body aches and almost got pushed down the bed.
during the day,
i had to pray to God for mercy and guidance.
really not what ive expected at all.

but on the other hand,
i'd pray hard everyday during the trip and i felt like im a little closer to God.
(not that ive becomed super holy or sth but still better than usual)
and also during 冬节 (Winter Festival?) i was really happy.
(although i was kinda troubled and worried too)
we had dinner at Aaron's grandma's house.
everyone was there(children, grandchildren, in-laws, everyone).
then we all gathered outside for dinner and it was awesome.
the feeling i had at that time was indescribable
and all i knew was when i closed my eyes,
it really felt like home.
a very 感动 moment suddenly.
haha and the 芋头扣肉 is awesomer than awesome.
it tastes just like the one my aunt used to cook but less sweet.
and and i simply love it.
seeing everybody eating and talking so happily,
it made me miss home(when grandma and grandpa were still around) oh so much.
somehow, i just really miss my childhood days.
back when everyone was still around and always gathering together.

anyways, its already over.
no need to think so much about it
except for the dinner part and 芋头扣肉 !
omg im like soooo in love with the 芋头扣肉 rite nw.
its like officially my favorite food
& i'll never get tired of eating it :D

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