Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i cant believe time passes soooooo fast.
everything happened in jst a blink of an eye.
starting today i wont have to wake up early for sch anymore.
no more wearing my uniform,
no more wearing my school shoes,
no more picking up my cousin and sending her to school,
no more setting my alarm to 5am ++,
no more (very rarely) going to school after 2nd period,
no more sometimes skipping last periodsgoing back early,
no more going outside of sch to buy bing tiao/lekor to eat in class,
no more eating wet buttered chicken rice at tanjung,
no more hanging at the corridor between classes,
no more going into other ppl's class and kacau2,
no more skipping 2 periods of maths on thursday by going to s3 and talk,
no more this and no more that.
gosh, ASS PEE AM is finally over
& im officially an ex student of St Joe.

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