Wednesday, May 27, 2009

two weeks of torture is finally over :D

yeapp, my exams are finally over!
*i still have 3 subs tmr but all dnt need to study.
2 weeks of holidays here i come ~~
i can play as much as i want rite nw
and i do not have to study one bit.
not until sch reopens middle of next month that is.
wooots, and i do not have to wake up early anymore.
can sleep until 7 or 8 in the morning.
(LOL i knw its not late but still, no need wake up at 4am ba)

and and and im jst super happy laaaaa.
i can go to sleep tonight with a hugeass smile on my face
and wake up with that hugeass smile which i went to sleep with :D

ps: i kinda lost my urge to blog @@
pps: its blue!
ppps: tmr im gonna be sooooo free. omg
pppps: my holidays start right after school ended 4 hours ago :P :P

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