Monday, May 4, 2009


school started today.
so after 4 days of holidays(for me only),
i seriously dont really feel like going back lo.
doesnt feel nice at all. haih
maybe its cause in the past 2 weeks,
ive been having at least 2 days off.
lol like during sports day i only went to school on Monday & Tuesday
then last week i didnt go school on Thursday & Friday(public holiday).
so yeah, it was reaaaaally shuang to not go to school.
and starting this week, thr isnt anymore "holidays" le.
but luckily tmr and Wed i have photography duty.
no need go in class until recess.
woooooots ~~

lol anyways, i stayed at home the whole day on Thursday.
then in the evening i went for Chemistry, Add Maths and Physics tuition.
reached home around almost 9pm
and everyone was alrdy washing the dishes.
ohh, forgot to mention that thr was this gathering at my house.
some of mummy's colleagues(and family) came over.
then later they all started their Karaoke session.
until about 10.30pm then it was my turn cause thats when they went back. LOL
sung all the way until err 11pm+?
then went to sleep as the next day had to wake up early ==
went to have breakfast at KB and shopped abit in Seria.

and on Saturday, i had to wake up early too
cause its Singing Competition day !
when i reached, it seemed like everyone's alrdy thr.
the competition started off with the guys solo.
following by girls solo and group.
and to me, the most interesting part of the whole competition
is when "Superband" sang 亡命之徒。
its cool how they, specifically Simon, can memorize the whole song.
lol but it was really good lor.
too bad thr isnt any Karaoke version and no MV.
if not, im sure they can definitely get Top 3.
the others also not bad lor.
Kylie was good as usual.
liked how she sang 爱笑的眼睛。
the song is really beautiful and with her voice,
its almost better than the original song. LOL

then yesterday, i felt DIFFERENT.
and and we had another, yes another BK test.
omg laa, its like the 3rd one this year?
but good thing this time i think i did quite good.
well, at least than the previous one that is.
the exam time is only one hour,
but that one hour seemed very long.
so as bored as i was, i started to take some pics.
lol then exam ended at 12pm and i went around the place with Allan.
saw the kids studying and it made me miss my childhood days oh so much.
oh yea, we went pass the Level 2 class and guess what?
the kids were playing London Bridge.
they were soooo cute pls.
and whats cuter was that Allan rushed in and tried to play along.

who is behind the basket? @@

only after taking this picture that i realize sth interesting

and its the tree thats outside thr door. lol

the ever so hardworking girl who got 94% in her BK in school :O


and the two pictures of the day ...

candid shot by Mr. Yong

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