Sunday, May 10, 2009


went up to Brunei again yesterday.
but we only went to KB and Seria.
and guess who i saw there?
why, its none other than darling Melo's cute dad. :P
like what Melo said, her dad and i 有缘分 lo.
cause we met at 2 diff places. LOL
first was at Escapade and secondly was Soon Lee.
haha then we reached home at around 3pm?
on the way back my cousin(hes coming to my house) called.
he said thrs this huge fire burning beside my other cousin's house.
i thought it was only an ordinary fire and that its my uncle burning
but who knew this time my uncle was innocent.
*my uncle is known for open burning all the time
haha its like the whole empty space beside his house was on fire.
about 20 minutes later the fire went off and slowly the smoke was blown away.
AND... heres the interesting part.
after everything was cleared and things have gone back to normal,
i suddenly heard asound, like a huge car driving near.
and when i looked out, i saw a man in his uniform.
behind him was the BOMBA.
like LMAO laa, the fire is alrdy long gone and thrs no more smoke.
what for still wanna come?
if want come also come 20 minutes earlier maaaaaaa.
then in the evening daddy and i went to Suffian's house.
Siang wanted to buy his(i think) car and asked daddy to go see.
but in the end it was daddy buying another broken car instead.
that broken car cost him RM100. LOL

and today, its Mother's Day ~
did you guys remember to wish ur mummies happy mother's day?
did you get her anything?
as for me, this year i gave 2 gifts.
first one is a pair of earrings which i gave her 2 weeks ago(LOL)
and another one is a pink carnation bought at church :)
btw, i was the only person in class jst now.
Allan and Michelle ditched me and left me ALONE.
but luckily thr was this guy who wanted to teach thr,
he came into class so Miss Lee was talking to him most of the times.
and then, it started to rain reaaaaally heavily.
the place wouldve been flooded if it continued on for another hour or so.
the thunder was terrifying and horrible.
thank God the rain stopped right after sunday school.

after sending Vallamy to tuition, we went Suffian's house again for the car.
after that i showed daddy the test route and went to buy Sau Pau.
droved to Boulevard thr but not enough and i droved up to pasar thr to buy.
luckily not much cars today ar.
if not, dont think i can handle it. HAHA

anyways, im going out reaaaal soon.
will update again later.
btw, enjoy the pics below ~

DQ's famous ice cream :)

can only see the smoke here.

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