Friday, May 29, 2009


im at mummy's office nw :P

holidays jst started and im very happy abt it.
no school until middle of June.
that means, more relaxing time for me.
and i do not have to stress over so many things
esp abt my exam results. hehs
during exam, i even wrote myself a to-do list
its only about 6-7 quite simple things.
and im gonna to try accomplish it all in this 2 weeks.
do pray that i can lor ;)

lol anyways, ive been addicted to Restaurant City lately.
omg sometimes i feel very lazy to play it
but somehow i jst have this urge to login to Facebook
and play it every single day(even during exam time).
nw im at level 12, still kinda noob at this.
and i do not have enough employees !!
i have 6 at the moment and i dnt think its enough laa :\

ps: all 6 of my employees are called Vivian cause i hired practically all the Vivians(including myself) in my friends list. LOL

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