Friday, May 8, 2009

gonna write about the Korean ppl thingy today
since Ah Goh(guy version) asked me abt it in my chatbox.
lol so during assembly on Monday,
Mr. Marcus mentioned sth about Korean exchange programme.
he talked quite alot about it lor.
then the next day, 3 or 4 Korean ppl came to visit school.
one principal and the other teachers i suppose.
the lower form were chosen to go into the hall for some slide show thingy.
if not mistaken, some were showing the Koreans the activities held in school..
then one of the dudes also showed us a slide show of their school in Seoul.
but i heard that this programme is only for the lower form :(
its like this, around 20-30 of their students will come
and around the same amount of students from my school
will go over there for about a month?
the Koreans will study + live(with the student's family) here and vice versa.
they even put this banner in the hall with english and Korean words.
it said sth like "Sisterhood Agreement..." blablabla
and " Im-gok Middle School VS. St Joseph's Secondary School"
oh and one thing, the ppl are from SEOUL.
yes, the capital of South Korea.
i know i know, really omg right?
i still cant believe they would actly come lor.
but seriously laa, im very very interested in this exchange programme.
too bad we seniors no more chance liao.
*SIGH* i wanna go Koreaaaaaaaaa !
i wanna learn Korean and practically everything about it ><

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