Saturday, May 16, 2009

exam is on Tuesday and im still karaoke-ing wtf.

daddy suddenly took out the mic and started singing yes-yesterday.
that was reaaaaally tempting you know? omg
so after that it was my turn and i sang abit.
lol then last night also sing abit.
goshh, and thrs only 2 more days @@
i havent even started my Add Maths project
when the deadline is next Thursday. omg
urghh, 24 hours a day is seriously not enough -_________-"
imagine if thrs like 30 hours a day.
waaaa, i can sleep for more than 8 hours
and still have enough time to do this and that. lol

anyways, will be going to school later for the food fair thingy.
hope the ground isnt went and it wont rain anymore.
oh and thrs futsal + b-ball comp later.
good luck everyone, esp the Hin Ka team :D

ps: i like my jersey :)

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