Wednesday, April 30, 2008

short trip

omfg. i am so pissed with blogger right now. gosh, all the stuff i typed jst now are all gone. damn you blogger. grrrrrr ! oh well, i guess i gotta start all over again. as you all know, i was sick yesterday. but around noon, i got abit better so i went up to KB/Seria with my cousins and mummy. they asked me to go along with them since i had nothing better to do at home and mummy asked me to go since there was enough space in the car and its better than having me sitting in front of the comp or sleeping the whole afternoon. and it took me like about an hour to decide whether i wanted to go or not. the only reason they went there was to go to Supa Save to buy some stuffs. and while taking pictures of the bread, i saw this ang mo dude. he has got the prettiest blue eyes ive ever seen. i mean like ive seen ang mo with blue eyes but his were jst wow. it got me speechless. and he doesnt look bad either. can consider the engdao-est ang mo ive seen so far this year. HAHA. wonder if he got any younger relatives with those eyes :P
we came back around in the evening and boy, was i exhausted. eventhough its like a very short trip but you know, im sick bahs. slept quite early last night. luckily tmrw no school. can sleeeep all i want[as if i can].

the back view of him

popo talking on the phone =="

cheeeeese !

cadburry baby (:

the many diff types of salad dressings

the thingy that looks like hair gel

guai leh i bring book to read :D

the weird looking thingy =\

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Joan said...

my gosh. r u a spy or what? hahah! respect human rights wooii... :P