Sunday, April 27, 2008

dearest you

can you like stop with all those things youre doing right now? its like wtf man. you think everyone loves you har? or are you jst trying to get attention like how some people are trying to do right now. you know what, those "some people" arent getting all the attention they want with the things they do or say at all. its like totally 101% USELESS. and instead of giving them attention, people would think otherwise. like whats happened to *coughs* them. so pls lah. can you stop with the act? im getting very fed up with it. well, im not the only person. why oh why do you want so much attention anyways? and also being proud of having many friends. does having many friends and wanting to know their friends make you popular? and what for wanna be so proud if youve got friends? its not like i dont right? and whats with saying all those things? cbk lah or mcb lah. you think youre very cool is it? scolding people and saying these things. if its very cool, why do i NOT see every single person alive saying those things? its not that i dont say these things and im jealous or sumthin. its jst that, you know, saying these things jst makes you low classed. no offense to those whos been using those words since forever. im okay with it actly. and if youve been saying em non stop since the day we met, then i can excuse you from saying that. BUT, you werent like that before. maybe you did say it once or twice, but i told you not to and you actly stopped. but why now youre starting again? i remembered last time when we used to be close. people always tell me the bad things about you and i never seem to notice it. but now, i think ive seen it all. the very hideous side of you. and no, im not saying that im perfect or anything. its jst that you dont have to show it to everyone and think its cool eh? can you like at least make an effort to change? even a TINY BIT would do. all these childish acts really do make you look like a fool you know? well, lets jst get this straight. act cool + proud + show off + lying + blahblahblah does NOT equal to popularity/glamour. it actly equals to giving bad impression to people and ruining your reputation. gosh theres so much to say right now. but i guess this is enough. dont wanna blab so much. you read this and change whatever is written here and i shall love you. seriously. HAHA.

and one more thing, i do not hate you. i jst want you to know that youre living in the real world. NOT everything has to go your way. so open your eyes dearie. its time to wake up. stop being so self-centered and you have to remember this, THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU AND THIS IS LIFE[THERE ARE UPS AND DOWNS], SO FACE IT. i want you to grow up. you need to grow up. youre not a kid anymore. and its not like i dont dare to say all these to your face. the reason why i wrote it here is because IF i do say it to you, im sure you wouldnt listen at all and would get angry before i even start speaking. or jst act like im talking to the wind.

p/s: this post isnt about one person only. its actly about some few persons.

heres a question i found in the internet - "HOW CAN I ACT COOL WITHOUT ACTING SO STUPID?"
a very good question indeed. and here are the responses.
once you stop acting like what you think everyone wants you to be, what you will say will be natural, and thats a lot cooler.
2. relax and be yourself. dont try to be someone that you arent. let people see you for you. it will work out best.
3. dont worry about acting cool. just be your inter self.
good answers ay? well, think about it after reading this. changing how you are now may jst affect your future. and someday, you might come thanking me for all this :D

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