Saturday, April 12, 2008

ashton and demi

guess what? jst now when checking my yahoo mail, i saw this advert at the top of the page showing those celebrity photos. and ngam2 they were showing Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. uhhhhs; how come theyre still together?! ashton is like way too HOT for her pls. and shes older than him by alot. not that age matters but still, hes young you know. AND innocent. people still got a long way to go. and demi, shes divorced and has three kids[i think]. its like so unfair for him know? when i first heard that they were gonna get married, i was seriously shocked. i couldnt believe what i was hearing/seeing. gosh. how could they? he was my celeb crush that time. now hes not anymore but i still do like him. like ever since primary school bahs.

omg omg omg :O

UNpretty demi and HOT ashton

on a front cover of a mag @@

their wedding

ashton with demi and her kids

you see. they are so NOT meant for each other. anyone support me? HAHA.

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