Tuesday, April 8, 2008

im tired

something went wrong with me today. halfway through maths class, i suddenly thought of boy*. well, the teacher was talking in front of class and you know, its really boring. then i remembered that she was his form teacher last time. all of a sudden, an image of him in school uniform appeared in my mind. he was shooting his killer smile and i could feel my heart beat speeding up. at that moment, the tears jst rolled down my cheeks. luckily it was only a little. i seriously dont know why this happened. i mean, its been so long already. gosh. even i was shocked that i would actually cry.
talking about this, i somehow kinda miss him. i havent seen him since august last year. wonder hows he doing now. *sigh* i guess i gotta stop here for now. i cant go on anymore. if i do, i dont think one box of tissue is enough =\

* the name is not written for P&C reasons. though i think many people already know who he is @@

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