Friday, April 11, 2008

hari ini

so f-ing tired today. supposed to go back at noon but i stayed until like four plus? gosh. ive been walking up and down the school for like two hours? HAHA. cause the first four periods before recess were english and BM. as for english, we're having oral and i went in and out the class more than 10 times. only once i asked permission. and the rest of the times, i jst went about myself :P
during BM, teacher wasnt in class.
wooooots. NO ORAL ! and like got teacher sit in but i asked permission and went out. came back to class 20 minutes later. lols after recess it was add maths. didnt like it at all. i really wanted to shout at her and leave the class but somehow something inside was controlling me and told me not to get so pissed off. hmph !
went to Tanjung Seafood for lunch with cass stef and hash. saw some people there. and as usual, i had butter chicken rice. yum yum yum (: when we got back to school, we rested at the bus stop and about half an hour later we went into school. went up to 4s3 and did some homework. well, stef was the one doing most of the homework. i was jst talking and scribbling in cass' school diary. lols went back around four plus and reached home before five thirty.
right now, its only 7.30pm and my eyes are gonna close soon. so tired leh =\

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