Monday, February 18, 2008


two nights ago, some church people came over to my house for dinner. mummy had to cook from morning till afternoon. it was tiring for me too cause i was supposed to do my homework and iron clothes only. but mana tahu i was needed to peel + slice the potatoes, garlics, big onions, red onions, cucumbers and carrots. i cut my finger twice and luckily there wasnt much blood. at night, they all came and ate like theyve never seen food before. LOL in short, they jst ate very very fast. it was a good night lah.
then the next day we went to church as usual then to sunday school. chriss and another dude came into our class and guess what, amanda was the only one left in their class. so miss lee asked her to join my class. lols sure fun bah if every sunday like this. combine classes. and uhhh, during class i kissed cass and was her reaction big. i dont know why but she always reacts in a very "kua zhang" way. hehs and no im not lesbian. shes my cousin okay? after sunday school me, joanna and vallamy took my aunt's car and went straight to my cousin's house. had lunch there with some other aunts and uncles and cousins. the person living next door was having this open house and aiyerr, the smell of the buddhist thingy was very strong. couldnt stand it at all. we did take some pictures but i dont have em. so you can check it out at joanna[CLICK HERE]'s blog. not sure if she updated or not. if not yet then you can check back in few day's time. lol
and today, assembly was boring. as always. so much crap lah. and we were supposed to be locked in the hall again for another hour but thank God we didnt =\


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