Wednesday, February 20, 2008

todays the day

20th february 2008

two whole years. i know im over him but somehow i kind of miss him. i miss his smile. the one that melts my heart in an instant. you know, the other day i was thinking, "how many times have we actually talked to each other?". not many times but still, at least ive talked to him. i wonder if he knows that i miss him.
somehow, almost everything about him i can remember. like when we talked or when he said hi or sumthin. last year, i only saw him twice. one time was in the car and i saw him cycling past. the other time was during the drag race competition. both times he didnt see me though. hehs i got good eyes eh?
well its been so long.

btw, todays post is dedicated to him. and IF he gets to see this, which i doubt, i wanna say "I MISS YOU". lol and uhhh, heres a picture of him :

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