Wednesday, February 6, 2008


*BOOM* sounds of the fireworks are filling up the sky around my house. people everywhere are playing em. well, its still early and im bored. you know, somehow this year aint really the same as the past few years. i mean look at dinner jst now. only few of us were at grandma's house. if it was like five years ago, the number of people there wouldve doubled. or maybe even tripled. i remember when i was young, my cousins and i would play firecrackers outside grandma's house after dinner. we used to have so much fun. but now, its all different. everyone's becoming older and it aint that fun nemore. time passes really fast and things change. and people too. and in the end, all thats left will only be memories.

talking about this makes me miss my childhood days. when all of us would gather at grandma's house during some special occasion and us kids would jst fool around and laugh together. ahhh; those were the days. the happiest times of my life. i would give anything jst to go back in time and re-live those moments once more. like what daddy said before, as we grow older our relationship would drift us apart. i mean, as kids we can play all we want and as we grow older, we'll all be busy with our own things and wont have time for our family no more. and slowly when we become adults, i dont think we'll be contacting each other anymore. well, maybe during special occasions but not on any ordinary reasons.

as you see, teenagers these days care more about their peers rather than their family members. which is a very very common thing nowadays. and a not-so-pleasant thing for our families.
"if theres a party held by their friend which is on the same day as one of their family's birthday, i think they would most likely go to their friend's party instead." - quoted, unknown[dont remember].

ooops. im outta topic. lol anyways, CNY is in less than three hours. tmrw's gonna be a fun and busy day. need to wake up early for church though. blehs *mum calling from downstairs* blog again tmrw. ciao peeps.

btw, i can still hear the sound of the non-stop fireworks outside my house. and its gonna continue all the way til past midnight =\

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