Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my weekend

well, im not supposed to be blogging now since exams is in two days. gosh i havent even touched my books yet =\

hmmm, last saturday evening i went to the indoor stadium with joanna, david, their mum and samuel for the aiFM thingy. before the speech even ended, david and samuel disappeared. lols they went off with some friends to eat. its supposed to start at 7pm and we reached there fifteen minutes earlier. but then, the place was already almost full. it was crowded with chinese people. it was actually a kinda nice show thingy. the performances were okay. guess what? nick chung was there ! he sang about five songs i think. there was an autograph session after the whole concert thingy. too bad i didnt stay back to get his autograph. hehs
then on sunday, we went to KB and Seria. went to Supa Save then to Escapade to eat[finally] and came back in the evening. at least my weekend was fun. next time, i'll be having tuition on Saturday and Sunday and it wont be so fun nemore ):

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