Sunday, February 3, 2008


so its sunday today.
and two days before was friday.
first of february two thousand and eight.
i was sick and did not go to school.
stayed at home until evening.
went out for dinner with aaron and vallamy's ex-babysitter and the family.
after dinner, we sent aaron back.
and off we went to Eastwood Valley for the "long piao piao" CNY singing thingy.
quite alot of people were there to watch this old Taiwanese lady whos sold 90 albums.
before she came out, Jerry and some older dude[so called local singer] sang some songs.
then the lady came out singing together with the lion dance performance.
we left the place at around 8.45pm to go to the night bazaar.
there was supposed to be an opening ceremony but it was canceled.
postponed to the next day, which was yesterday.
so mummy and vallamy went to watch the lion dance/singing/dancing performances.
me and daddy went off to take a look at all the stalls there.
on the right were the malay stalls and the rest are chinese stalls.
yesterday night after dinner with my cousins, we went again.
but then it was raining so we didnt go down.
and since it was the opening ceremony, fireworks were being put.
daddy drove up to Canada Hill to see the fireworks.
it was very very the cantek you know?
but then it lasted like not more than ten minutes.
kinda short but at least we got to see part of it.
we went home afterwards since there was this huge traffic jam in the middle of the town.

then today morning we went to church as usual.
went for breakfast and back home.
left the house half an hour later to go shopping.
daddy picked us up around noon and had lunch around 2020.
we went to pick shirly jie jie from her house and i accompanied her to the saloon.
she cut her hair + dyed it.
which took about three hours plus.
damn my ass was numb from sitting there so long.
halfway through some guys came in.
and guess what? my old crush was there too.
gosh he still looks the same as in primary school.
same thin and same tall. HAHAHA
i was looking at him when i remembered that i liked him before.
its been six years leh.
lol which means i liked him in primary four.
and you know what? i even remember his birthday !

LOL anyways, im gonna stop here.
going to the night bazaar in about an hour or so.
need to get ready first. ciao ~

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