Wednesday, February 6, 2008

one more day

last night was very last of the night bazaar. i guess we'll hafta wait another year for it to come again. you know, its been going on since last friday and i went every night, except for saturday as it was raining. but we did drive past and went up to Canada Hill to see the fireworks.
it was very very very crowded last night. i think almost the whole of Miri came out. and since there were so many people, the place was like air-less. could hardly breathe. everyone were squeezing here and there. well, daddy's lucky cause hes tall. one very good advantage. and because of his tallness, he was looking around finding for people taller than him, which he actually couldnt find.
mummy, vallamy, my niece and her mum were sitting in front of the stage watching performances. and my cousin went off to somewhere to buy some stuffs. so i was left with daddy and as we were walking around, i suddenly saw two heads popping out of the crowds. and i was like "finally, two tall dudes". and when i actually got to see their faces clearly, guess what? its none other than my two cousins. HAHAHA.
then daddy saw his friend, which was same height as him. and theres this dude that was selling some thingy at the stall, hes tall too. around daddy's height also i think.
btw, there were two drunk dudes there. one fainted earlier on after the lion dance performance and the other also fainted. i think lah. lol
quite alot of familiar faces there. even little miss afidah. she looked so diff from her usual school uniform. in addition to her looking like a cute kid, i couldnt even recognize her. and this dude there. oooh, engtaoness. LOL i saw him the night before at parkson with his girlfriend and well i saw him again at the bazaar the next night. lucky eh?
after the second round of lion dance performance, i followed cass back home. on the way to her car, i saw coconut* de car. aiyoh. i didnt even see him at the bazaar. sad sad sad.
i cant wait until tomorrow morning. wear new clothes. go to church. go bai nian. go get angpao :DDD


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