Friday, February 8, 2008

the three days of CNY

its already the third day of CNY. time passes so fast. and i dont think i have enuff angpao money to buy a new phone and put some into the bank. well, at least i had fun in these three days. though im sick. you know, i got sick like since the first day. but then it was in the evening. i got fever and problems with my uhhh, wei. lols i dont know the english name for it. im feeling better now but still abit sick.
went to my aunt's house for lunch jst now. i was still full from eating breakfast so i didnt eat at their house. quite alot of people were there. even my teacher was there. her anak is so so cute. after eating, my aunt took out this cake to sort of celebrate my cousin's birthday in advanced. you know what cake it is? why, none other than OREO FANTASY. woooo im so in love with that cake. esp the oreo part. so damn nice mann. im still so bloated. then later need to go to joshua's house for dinner. adehh. i guess i ate too much at pascal's house this morning. too much porridge and chicken wine. this morning was quite fun actually. after going to pascal's house for breakfast, we left for another two more houses. philip followed too. so when we reached dennis' house, the adults went to eat and us kids jst played the very chun astro game. and because it was so chun we kept on laughing everytime we played it. amanda laughed the loudest i think. lol then after that we went to ummm, augustine[i think]'s house. it was so boring that we got wu liao that we jst sat there and stared at each other. HAHA. really babi mann. bored until like this. all i know is that me joshua and philip kept laughing from nine all the way to eleven. lols around four, my ex-babysitter's daughter came with her two anaks. gosh, her son grew quite tall. the last time i saw him was like two years plus ago? and he was still like a kid. now, hes fully[well almost] grown. lol he was my childhood friend from like more than 10 years ago. oosh ! somehow i was very very nervous to see them, esp him. i didnt even dare to go downstairs to greet themhim. only until mummy called me down like three times baru i went down >.<
the past two days were good too. on the first day we mainly went to family members' house. went to church early in the morning and back to my grandma's house. then we walked to nicholas' house and to mine. after that is cassandra's house. in the evening, we went to chris' house. oooh, his chihuahua is so adorably small and cute. i went home afterwards and got sick. kesian lei. i even got fever in the middle of the night.
the next day, i felt a tiny bit better but still sick. wanted to stay at home but my parents forced me to go bai nian and see doctor. so i went and when i went to see the doctor, i cuncun see him coming out and closing the place. i rushed in and guess what, the wife was kind enough to give vallamy and i angpao. later that day, we went to my cousin's house and off to his brother's house about two hours later. then we're supposed to go to my mum's uncle's house together but i was still sick so i stayed at my cousin's house and sleep/sort of help them jaga rumah. they came home two hours later and i watched a movie before leaving with my cousins to their friend's house. and gosh, was i glad to follow them there cause the amount given in the angpao was like omfg-ly banyak. luckily i follow. if not i would've kekurangan alot of money and it wouldnt be enuff to buy myself a new phone. lol

the scary fish outside chris' house

chris' chihuahua


joanna and vallamy

my niece's bed. lol

and last but not least, the FAMOUS FAHRENHEIT a.k.a. FEI LUN HAI 飞轮海

left to right : calvin, chun, jiro, arron. the one in red is the manager :D

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