Monday, October 15, 2007


its a MONDAY today. public holiday. school holiday. i was supposed to follow my dad's cousin to the Istana in Brunei but the plan was cancelled. *sigh* i really wanted to see the Brunei Sultan. he looks eng tao man. one of the most eng tao malay dudes in Miri and Brunei.
i woke up early today. went jogging with daddy and washed three cars. went to have breakfast at Dynasty and get my money for washing the cars :P
came back to rest a while and we're off to my cousin's house. my sister played there with my little nieces any by 11+am, we went for lunch at Han Palace. had dim sum. long time no eat that di.
hmmm then me and daddy went home after dropping mummy and vallamy at my cousin's house. and yes, they went there again.
we went over to my cousin's house at around three in the afternoon and drank the rojaks and drinks my cousin and mummy ta pao-ed.
daddy, my other cousin and i got bored so we decided to watch a movie in my cousin's mini cinema. when we got in, well as usual we didnt know what to watch. there were far too many dics. from what me and my cousin counted, there were at least 700 discs in the cupboard. excluding the ones in the living room :O
then finally daddy took out one cantonese comedy and we sat in the dark as the movie started. since there wasnt any subtitles, i felt like sleeping awhile. but the laughters of my cousin and daddy were far too loud for me to sleep so i jst sat there and watched the whole thing.
after the movie, they went out and i was left alone. i was kinda tired so i decided to take a short nap. well before that, i went to find some songs to play since the songs my cousin listened to were like totally weird different. i mean he listens to like jazz and thats alrights. but then he always got some weird cds hidden in his car and house. like those songs with music only or some that has people singing but theyre like in foreign languages =\
so i found this disc with songs from disney cartoons and i rested for like half an hour? then we were off to dinner. guess where we went? none other than the Korean Restaurant. i havent been there in ages. and i miss the food there. esp the beef thingy. the kimchi soup was kinda sour though.
got back by 8.30pm and im like so tired. well its getting late. gotta go sleep now. ciao~

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sooee said...


ur engdao-ness of sultan? haha
sarcasm or wat? hehehehe XD
this is pure funny.