Tuesday, October 9, 2007

panas and tired

well, the program pasca thingy started yesterday. it was alright. jst that i got leg cramps like at least five friggin times. ohmygosh. it was kinda boring though. i spent the whole afternoon at home and online online online until last night. i did stop for a while cause i went to boulevard to buy some things. we bought some food and a pair of sunglasses as a birthday present for daddy tmrw. it rained so heavily last night. it was really scary.
and then it was today. went to school as usual. jst this time we wore our pj shirts and didnt have to bring anything. and mandy didnt go to school today. so its only me michelle and ana. we went to the all first. mr lim talked for like an hour and he asked some of the classes to go to the football field for futsal. 'how nice', i thought. then the teacher announced that guys play today and the girls support. and was i glad to hear him say that. ai yin and priscilla was there too. then we were talking about skipping this thingy.
so we left the school at about 8.30am. we walked all the way to brighton. and while waiting for the two girls to eat, me and michelle had to look around jst in case marcus or patrick or brian would appear outta nowhere and catch us. after eating, we went to buy a pack of cards and went into ma baker to play. after 15 minutes or so, the lady working there halau-ed us out. so we had to go back. most of us didnt want to go back to school so we walked all the way to pak hok ling. on the way back, we had to like hide here and there in case anyone saw us. and damn was it funny. we were hiding at the bustops, behind bushes and trees, cars and also the school's gate wall.
when we reach pak hok ling, priscilla ordered a can of chrysanthemum tea and i finished the whole carton of chrysanthemum tea and my stomach was filled with liquid. it was kinda boring there at first and we all decided to sleep rest awhile. we played some songs using ai yin's phone and we were playing blackjack and tortoise. the tortoise game was fun. whoever that lost had to kiss the cheek of someone from the table or the lady at the counter. ana lost in the first round so she kissed me. then second round priscilla kissed ai yin and third round ana kissed michelle. then the last round, i LOST. ohmg. so i went to kiss ana and we played heartattack. after like 5 minutes of playing we went back to school.
it was so hot and tiring. suddenly, michelle saw her car parking there. so she and ana climbed into school and me ai yin and priscilla continue walking to the bustop. when ana went back, i stood there and watch ai yin and priscilla chasing and shouting at each other. they kept on laughing and laughing. hahaha HILARIOUS. the girls and some dudes at the side kept watching them play.
then my car came and i went home. woooo. i think i became darker && redder too =\

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jessie said...

How was ur exams, dear? =)
Anyway..i hope ur feeling better...
Read ur crying entry....

TAke care okay?