Friday, October 5, 2007

so called 'darurat' telahpun dibubarkan

WOOHOO~ THE EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER. I REPEAT, THE EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER !! ohmg. i cannot believe it. its MERDEKA for all form3 students all over Malaysia. our current sufferings and problems are GONE. no more worrying about exams or studies until NEXT YEAR. yeay !! but then, *BIG BIG sigh* we all hafta go back to school, starting MONDAY. 8th October 2007. and i thought my holidays have jst started. but im like so so wrong. we got this PASCA PROGRAM thingy until November? dammit. aihh. well at least, we dont need to study lah. hehs and btw, im so freaking glad and not so glad. ummm glad cause the war of PMR has jst ended and not so glad cause the discipline teacher said that if we do NOT go to school for the whole month starting monday, then next year when we go to form4 we hafta RE-apply. sooo mafan man. *frowns* i cant highlight my hair anymore. i cant go have breakfast with daddy and mummy anymore. i cant stay at home all morning and do nothing but watch tv sleep or online. i cant go out in the morning with my friends. i cant this. i cant that. aaarrrgggghhhh !!

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