Thursday, October 11, 2007


somehow; i jst feel like CRYING. dude its not wrong or anything. right? its jst that ive got the urge. the strong feeling to cry my eyes out cause of some stuffs. i sometimes wonder why in majority, only girls cry. what about guys? what do they do? well some do cry. but people who say guys that cry are sissy. and some refer them as macho dudes. what about you? what do you think? is crying right or wrong? why do people cry? i mean some people say they cry cause of some unkown reasons. but then it doesnt really make sense to me. like some small matter happens and they feel like crying. what the heck is with that anyways? btw, no offense to those who always cry cause im one of them too.

p/s: im jst curious about this thingy. nothing much.

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