Saturday, October 6, 2007

wasnt such a good day after all

went to Brunei today. it was supposed to be a fun trip where i get to take my mind off the things thats been happening in my life lately. but *sigh* i guess i was wrong. it didnt turn out much as i expected. i was crying the whole day. i was hoping that this would be a fun trip since i havent been to brunei since August and i sure do miss that place alot.
i cried a while after i woke up. i cried on the way to pick daddy up. i cried on the way to brunei. i cried in the car while waiting for daddy. i cried on the way back home. actually, hes the only person who can make me cry right on the spot. and he doenst even need to scold me. jst raise his voice and i'll cry liao lu. but this time, i dont even have to see him. talking about him or jst hearing his name made me cry today. *HUGE sigh* cry cry cry. cry so much for what i also dont know. so sienzzz.
btw, im also glad about one thing. i got to drink my KING SIZED WATERMELON JUICE. the price is ever so reasonable and its nice. so worth it man. anyone who goes to Brunei must go to TEO POI HOON located in Kiulap. the everything there is worth eating/drinking and it aint that expensive (:
and one more thingy. you know the song All Out Of Love by Air Supply? well, this song is then sung by Westlife and Delta Goodrem. i prefer this version much better lah. its highly recommended by me.

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