Friday, November 2, 2007


how old is barbie? well its jst a thought. i was watching The Island Princess with my sister jst now and it suddenly came to my mind. and have you realize that in almost all barbie movies, the main character - which is barbie or whatsoever name thats given to her in the movie, sound exactly the same? unless they use the same lady's voice for every one of the movies. hmmmm *thinks*
anyways, sorry for not blogging these days. really not in the mood to blog. so i guess i'll stop blogging for a while. will continue when i feel like it. and btw, quite alot of things have happened since i last blog. jst wanna let you all know that my life right now is like me riding on the bumpiest and fastest roller coaster on earth. if you get what i mean lah. toodles ~

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