Wednesday, December 8, 2010

so far this holidays, i've already cleaned 70% of my room, vacuumed my room, spend time with my sister, and waste time. kinda glad about it. at least i have done some stuffs since the holidays started two weeks ago. :) and well, i'll be going up to Brunei next friday for my dad's cousin's wedding. can't wait for that. hopefully it'll be fun fun fun! you know, i'm really hoping Wu Chun would be there but i think it's impossible because he went back to Brunei already recently. sad sad.

anyways, another less than two months to go until it's Chinese New Year! excited much. i wanna go get lots and lots of hong bao :D although some of my family members are not around anymore, i'm still hoping that everyone will still gather and celebrate the new year together, like how we used to do it before. but honestly speaking, i really really wish grandpa, grandma, 4th uncle in law, and my cousin diana were still around. and that everyone else who's not in miri to come back. that way, we can all come together and celebrate. i remember 10 years back, when everyone else was still alive, we would gather at my grandparents' home, which is actually next to my house, and we would be eating dinner together, and later, going outside to put fireworks. ahh, those were the times. somehow, i'm really starting to miss my childhood days so much. *sigh*

ah well, what to do? it's all in the past now. can only look forward. but i seriously do hope Chinese New Year next year would be an awesome one. besides, i heard from my mum that all the church members will be going on a new year gathering to all the church members house on my birthday. it's gonna be a busy birthday for me then next year. lol

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