Sunday, December 5, 2010

winter/summer cleaning!

i cleaned my room today!

well, 70% of it though. but that's good right? i hardly clean my room anyways. well, i do but not so often you know. XD actually it was my mum. she was complaining about how i haven't cleaned my room since i already promised her to do so after the exams. but up until now, i'm still procrastinating and my room is getting messier by the day. so my mum asked me to clean it today since she's at home so she could help. but then she got kinda busy and i cleaned by myself. and you know, my room got LOTS AND LOTS of stuffs. even things that i never knew of or have forgotten about, i suddenly found it today. and it took me like three hours to clean cause i was doing it like in slow motion. why? just because i found lots of old and old-but-i-forgot-about-it-so-it-seems-to-be-new-to-me stuffs so i just sat there and looked at all those things. went through lots of stuffs before i continued cleaning again. LOL halfway through cleaning(which was actually kinda can be considered almost done), my mum came in and i told her i'm almost done and sh told me i could rest already if i felt tired and she went out. so i thought "eh, how come she so nice ask me to rest one?" then i didn't think much and stopped cleaning. who knew that when she came back into my room, she was like "you done already? why your bed still got some stuffs one?". LOL those things are needed bah right now so i didn't clean it up. so i told her she said i could rest so i did and she just shook her head.

but at least i feel sort of accomplished. my room is much cleaner now. more than half of my room is filled with books and papers and just stationeries. besides, i have this habit of keeping those lecture notes and stuffs just because i don't really feel like throwing them away yet. so yeah, my semester one and two stuffs are still here in my room. not to mention my form five school and tuition notes as well. this afternoon after cleaning my room, i brought out four big plastic bags filled with rubbish. and there's still another 30% left unclean. but you know, i doubt that there's still another 30% left because i think there's still more stuffs in the closet which i haven't even touched on yet. :O

i'm gonna clean my room again another day, so people, help me pray that i'm not lazy and that my "another day" will be very soon. XD

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