Thursday, December 30, 2010

wedding. shopping.

it's been a very long day. it was one of my relative's wedding and we were all busy the entire day. well sort of. lol it began with daddy being the driver for the day. which also means that i have to be the driver as well since daddy will be driving the bride and groom from day until night. i was driving mummy and my sister the whole day too. but it was fun cause in the morning, when my dad had to go and pick the groom and drive him to the bride's house, i was also following the wedding car from behind along with the groom's six other "brothers". it was a great experience for me as this is usually done by guys only, not girls. so i was literally busy the entire morning. from the groom's house all the way to the bride's house, then headed downtown to church and back home. did i mention that the bride lived near campus? it was right behind dps area and wedding cars are supposed to be driving slowly so we took a very long time to reach the church from the bride's house. lol good thing we didn't have any thing going on in the afternoon. then it was wedding dinner at night. we reached the place at 6pm and were the first ones there. the dinner was at Imperial and all i can say is the place was friggen cold. seriously. good thing is that the airconds are working just fine but it's just too cold. i wonder how the skinny girls wearing strapless dresses could ever stand the cold. i salute to them. rofl

so in the afternoon, we(excluding daddy cause he was still busy sending the bride and groom to idk where) decided to go to Boulevard to do some new year shopping. *an advantage for not working XD* we were at the ladies department when i saw Albert walking around. and new year songs were playing everywhere. all these reminded me of the time when i was working at the pesta. one whole month of new year songs and all the memories i had with my colleagues. then i thought, i worked there in january and it's gonna be january again in two days time! wtheck? time is going by very very fast man. like seriously, don't you think it's a little too fast? can't believe that it's been a year since i worked there. eeeek. i'm still shocked about it you know. still cannot accept the fact that one year went by just like that. *snaps fingers but fails miserably cause i can't make any sound from snapping* the stuffs that happened this year, like applying for uni, starting uni, ending the first semester, enjoying my sem break, starting the second semester, everything. it's all still clear in my mind. seriously, i went speechless for some time. then i kept telling my mum about how it's already been a year and stuff like that. saw some old colleagues there and said hi. it really brings back the memories.

and the other day, i was talking to siew about how when the new year comes, it will be considered as two years since we left our high school. and it's so scary to even think about it. you know, i'm actually kinda afraid of thinking about the past. i'm afraid that i'll think too much and start crying and all. ah well, its all in the past now. need to be looking forward instead. 2011 is in two days. does everyone have their resolutions ready yet? :D

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